Rhino Action Group Effort
Rhinos lost to poaching
2018 : ?
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RAGE has funded the following in the fight against rhino poaching:
  1. APU (Anti- Poaching Unit)Training
  2. APU Management training
  3. Under- cover investigations
  4. Short notice critical rhino poaching interventions:
    1. Air support
    2. Trackers
    3. Fire fighting
    4. Trained dogs
    5. Vehicle fuel
  5. APU equipment: night vision, bullet proof vests, two way radios, ground to air radios, backpacks, GPS’s, tactical torches, binoculars, spot lights, camo nets, sleeping bags, tents, flairs, jerry cans, first aid kits, forensic kits, road block gear, etc.
  6. Operational funding for SanPark’s anti-poaching field rangers in the Kruger National Park
  7. Camera traps
  8. Cameras and equipment for GPS collar research project
  9. Fuel for under cover helicopter arrests
  10. Anti Poaching signage for Kruger National Park entrance gates
  11. Ad hoc funding of a K9 Tactical Tracking Unit resulting in arrests
  12. Investigative funding to the Magqubu Ntombela Memorial Foundation founded by Dr. Ian Player
  13. Equipped trailers for anti-poaching unit usage to Waterberg
  14. Printing of Crime Scene Check Lists and Guides used for Rhino poaching crime scenes to assist with prosecutions
  15. Four fully equipped, solar powered, stand-alone trailers for use by anti-poaching teams when in the bush
  16. Anti-Poaching tactical task team – from personnel to vehicle
  17. WWF’s investigation project
  18. And many other critical interventions.