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Rhinos lost to poaching
2018 : ?
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The war is turning preventative as opposed to reactive which is fabulous news. In fact, in one month 20 people were arrested and guns and vehicles seized BEFORE a rhino was harmed. Arrests continue to climb – 545 in the last three years - and as much as 96% of cases before the courts are successfully prosecuted with harsh sentences being handed down. The private sector, including RAGE, are supporting authorities with valuable evidence provided in court and ongoing cases. The DNAing of rhinos is also gaining momentum and is going to have another role to play in the near future – rhino owners will be able to use the DNA match from recovered horn to take civil action against those who poached their asset. But all this takes money.  We need corporates who are willing to come on board our latest initiative  – R200 000 a corporate gets a logo on the RMB banner as well as the peace of mind that your money  will be used honestly and transparently by RAGE in the fight against rhino poaching.  
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