Rhino Action Group Effort
Rhinos lost to poaching
2018 : ?
Make Your Contribution

No contribution too small – every little bit helps the rhinos!

Sometimes we all fall prey to a sense of hopelessness – what can we do in the face of such overpowering force that the poachers have at their disposal?  Well, that’s precisely why RAGE was set up, to provide a safe haven for every contribution, no matter how modest, so that every South African angry about rhino poaching can turn that anger into effective action.

That’s exactly what two concerned Gauteng schools did recently, raising funds to help the rhinos, and entrusting RAGE with making sure that the money finds its way to people and places where it can work hardest.  Saxonwold Primary School in Johannesburg contributed R2000 in this way, and the pupils at Laerskool van Riebeeckpark on the East Rand raised no less than R13 000.  The money has already been earmarked for a programme to help private undercover investigators get more information about poaching syndicates.

Congratulations and sincere thanks to these super kids, and let’s hope that in 2012 many other schools across the country follow their great example!
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