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RAGE aims to turn citizens anger into effective action

The involvement of organised crime syndicates in the global trade in rhino horn has dramatically accelerated the levels of poaching of rhino in South Africa, and has catapulted the protection of rhino from an issue primarily contained within the conservation field, to one that has sparked widespread public condemnation. A LeadSA initiative: RAGe, or "Rhino Action, Group Effort" was set up to harness public support in all forms from skills and resources to financial donations and then channel them to where they can have the most positive impact. The RAGe team visited the Kruger Park over the weekend, to get up to speed with the latest developments on the rhino-poaching scene joined by John Robbie who originated the LeadSA concept and the meeting that led to the formation of RAGe. The news is encouraging... While the public hears the horrific stats in the media, progress is certainly being made in the field thanks to the extraordinary dedication of field rangers and other strategic teams.

RAGe aims to turn citizens anger into effective action
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