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Rhinos lost to poaching
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RAGE was set up by LeadSA (a Primedia Broadcasting and Independent Newspapers initiative) to assist in the fight against the illegal rhino poaching scourge. Specifically, RAGE was designed to be a safe conduit for public contributions to this cause, whether they be financial, material or in the form of skills and information.

This enables individuals and companies to now contribute meaningfully to the protection of our rhino. KPMG audits RAGE on an ongoing basis, ensuring legitimacy and accountability for all contributions, and that all contributions go where they are supposed to.

South African business is heeding our call. In association with LeadSA, Primedia, Rand Merchant Bank and Independent Newspapers, RAGE will soon unveil a massive public awareness and participation campaign that will bring companies who donate of their means and time to the forefront.

A massive billboard will showcase the logos of companies who make significant donations to RAGE for the fight against illegal poaching. These companies are powerful and important allies – and they will now be publicly recognised as such.

For the rhino to be safe, it is imperative that people – and businesses – work together and involve themselves. The billboard initiative will enable just that.

RAGE has the full support of Conservation NGOs, the South African Police and of South African National Parks. Now, those who work to make South Africa a better place every day can add their important clout to the fight.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Cheryl Hunter on chimeracoms@gmail.com or 082-441-6070.

Other contact details:
The Crime Line toll-free hotline: 0800 205 005 (National Wildlife Crime Reaction Unit)

Turn your anger into effective action. Go to http://www.rhinoactiongroup.org/Contribute.aspx
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