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Following the successful launch in 2012 of the Rhino Conservations Awards, the organisers are pleased to announce that nominations for the 2013 awards are now open.  These awards were created to recognize exceptional individuals and organisations for their efforts in protecting our rhino population.
Dr Larry Hansen, Chairman and CEO of Hasselblad the Swedish camera manufacturer  and Ms Xiaoyang Yu, Founder Partner of China New Enterprise Investment  are the originators and sponsors of this award  which they launched with an aim to increase capture and prosecution of poachers  and to cut demand for rhino horn.  This project is in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Affairs of South Africa and The Game Rangers Association of Africa.  
The Game Rangers Association of Africa is a NPO with a membership of over 1500 mainly game rangers across Africa.  The GRAA commits itself to the protection, conservation and, where possible, restoration of Africa`s biodiversity and the continued existence of its wilderness for the benefit of present and future generations.  Many game rangers who are active in anti-poaching activities are members of the Game rangers Association of Africa.
Winners of the Rhino Conservation Awards 2012 were Don English Regional Ranger at KNP for continually putting his life on the line to catch poachers; Adv Antoinette Ferreira for her successes in convictions against poachers; Jenny Griesel, JacarandaFM for enhancing the awareness and raising funds through the media; Elise Daffue of NGO Stoprhinopoaching.com for unparalleled fundraising campaigns for rhino conservation and Dr Cindy Harper, Geneticist at Onderstepoort who was instrumental in developing the DNA testing of rhino.
The Rhino Conservation Award 2013 which is being project managed by the Game Ranger’s Association of Africa, will once again create awareness and recognise a wide range of exceptional individuals and organisations for their efforts in preventing the poaching of rhinos across different categories.  These categories are Best Field Ranger; Best Intelligence Gathering; Best Science & Research; Best Awareness & Education and Best Youth Involvement.
The award will be presented at a gala ceremony at Emperors Palace, Gauteng on Thursday, 28th November and will be attended by Dr Hansen and Ms Yu, as well as top officials of the DEA and representatives from various rhino conservation bodies.
Nominations for the Award have opened and can be sourced from the website www.gameranger.org.  Contact Janyce at Currin’t Events, Janyce@currintevents.co.za or  011-6580444 for any queries.
Prepared by Currint Events, 011-6580444
Queries to Janyce, 0117838869 or 0836541180
Xiaoyang Yu is from China. She is a Founding Partner of China New Enterprise Investment (CNEI), a China focused growth capital fund. CNEI is a pioneer in successfully operating a foreign invested, onshore registered private equity fund in China. Ms. Yu has over 20 years of banking and investment experience. She served at leading international financial institutions in Europe and US, including Dresdner Bank in Frankfurt, London and Salomon Brothers in New York. Ms. Yu also worked at Kissinger Associates, responsible for the firm’s China business, Ms. Yu advised the Chinese government on the drafting of China’s venture capital rules, which regulates the formation and operations of foreign invested onshore venture capital and private equity funds in China.
About Hasselblad - ??Founded in 1941 in Gothenburg, Sweden, Hasselblad has been the leading manufacturer and partner for photographers working in the medium format environment for over half a century, consistently providing the highest level of quality and innovation. The extraordinary quality of the company's products became famous in 1962 when Hasselblad cameras were selected for NASA space missions, which resulted only a few years later in the first world-renowned images taken on the moon. Positive associations with Hasselblad's past serve as the foundation for the company's modern and energized brand. In 2002, the Hasselblad H Camera system was introduced. With its professional lens family  it is the most comprehensive digital camera system of its kind available today. In 2013 Hasselblad has launched 2 new luxury consumer cameras, the Lunar and the Stellar whose names are a celebration of Hasselblad’s historic relation with photography in space.???

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