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Camp Master, South Africa’s leading outdoor and camping brand, has joined the Rhino Action Group Effort (RAGE) in a brand new campaign to both raise awareness about the plight of SA rhinos and contribute funds to ongoing anti-poaching programmes.
The central element of the campaign is the sale of motor vehicle “mirror socks” that incorporate an anti-poaching message. All profits generated from the mirror sock sales will be donated to RAGE.
Derick Kalan, Camp Master brand ambassador, explains: “We believe that in its role as South Africa’s best loved outdoor brand the Camp Master association with the fight against rhino poaching is, from a consumer perspective, both intuitive and compelling.
 “We envisage that this will enable members of the public to visibly express their support for rhino conservation whilst simultaneously making a financial contribution to protect our rhinos.”
 Kalan believes the people fighting for the survival of this endangered species need all the support they can get, including financial support: “But the fight against rhino poaching needs even more than that – a change in mind-set. If we as a nation can come together and demonstrate our support for this worthy cause, that is a truly strong message. By purchasing Camp Master/RAGE mirror socks you will not only be donating towards this worthy cause you will also quite visibly be demonstrating your rage against the devastating and criminal attacks on this beautiful creature.”
RAGE spokesman Andy Rice says: “We are hugely grateful to Camp Master for this large commitment – both in terms of finances and resources.
The mirror socks will be available at any Game, Makro, Builders Warehouse, Builders Trade Depot, Builders Express and Builders Superstore from March 1, 2014 where they will be merchandised in high traffic areas to optimise sales. The retail price of R30 includes a R10,50 donation to RAGE per pair. 
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